Grounds on the Go Video Archive

The Applied Research Institute and the UVA Research Park provide a video archive of the Grounds on the Go seminar series.


Professors of Media Studies Siva Vaidhyanathan and Christopher Ali, ‘Will the Internet Survive? Technology, Policy and Net Neutrality’

Professor of Biology George Bloom, ‘The Quest to End Alzheimer’s Disease’

Professor of Chemistry T. Brent Gunnoe, ‘Energy Challenges and Opportunities: UVA’s Partnership with MAXNET Energy’

Professor Kimberly Kelly, Department of Biomedical Engineering and David Chen, Director of the Coulter Translational Research Partnership, ‘Bench to Bedside: Launching New Tech in Medical Care’

Professor David Leblang, Chair and Professor Department of Politics and Isabelle Merritt, ‘Blurred Borders: Making Sense of the European Migration Crisis

Professor Jack Davidson, Department of Computer Science and Will Hawkins, ‘Defense Against the Dark Arts: Thwarting Hackers and Hexes

Professor Aynne Kokas, Department of Media Studies, ‘Hollywood Made in China

Professor Paul Freedman, Department of Politics, ‘How Did We Get Here? Unpacking the 2016 Election

Professor of Practice Wyatt Andrews, Department of Media Studies, ‘Trump, the Media and Fake News

Professor Tish Jennings, Curry School of Education, ‘Mindfulness: The Biohack for Work Stress

Principal Scientist, Jason Forman, PhD and PhD Candidate Carolyn Roberts, UVA Center for Applied Biomechanics, ‘Designing for Diversity? Challenges in Auto Safety’