2016 Technical Panel Descriptions

Materials Science: Global Perspectives and Strengths

kaleidoscopes-942387_1280In materials science research innovation and exploitation are intertwined. This panel will focus on the current state of materials research in the US and foreign capabilities, our threats and weaknesses, and emerging global concerns.




Nuclear Proliferation from the First Gulf War to JCPOA

radiation-646217_1280In July of 2015, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was reached between Iran and UN Security Council countries, Germany and the European Union. What does the agreement mean for the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)? This expert panel will consider the effectiveness of the NPT regime in the last 25 years and the forward view on nuclear proliferation in the coming decade.



The Challenge of Chem-Bio Surveillance

dna-869110_1280Biological and chemical agents can become disruptive and deadly when in the wrong hands. And rapid advances in several disciplines of biology are vastly complicating the threat. Join this expert panel to discuss current and future chemical-biological threats and the research needed to develop effective countermeasures.




Value: The Fifth V of Big Data

matrix-434035_1280The four V’s – volume, variety, veracity, velocity – are the attributes that define “big data.” But a fifth V – value – is the ultimate objective of data analytics. This panel will explore the question “Are we generating 10x value with 10x data?”




The Leading Edge in Biotechnology and the Brain

brain-951845_1280The Brain is the next biological frontier. Basic research in neuroscience and neurotechnology intends to build the knowledge to understand cognition and behavior, and to treat diseases like Parkinson’s, traumatic brain injury (TBI) and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Three UVA researchers are on the leading edge of this frontier. In this panel you will hear about a stunning discovery of a link between the brain and the immune system, the deployment of focused ultrasound for delivery of nano-drugs across the blood-brain barrier, and development of novel genetic techniques in the brain, including one that can make neural activity respond to a magnetic field.


Design Thinking for Wicked Problems

pattern-1004855_1280The global challenges of today and tomorrow are so often wicked problems that remain intractable because of “incomplete, contradictory or changing information.” Design Thinking is a “process for problem solving that combines creative and analytical tools and requires collaborations across disciplines”. This panel will explore if and how design thinking can be effective for solving the hard problems inherent to our national security and strategy.



Advances in High Performance Computing

binary-823382_1920Regular advances in computational processing power have driven many of the technologies at the core of our intelligence and defense strategy. However, at the same time that we’re seeing exponential growth in data, we’re also seeing the upcoming end to hardware advances from geometry-based scaling of semiconductor devices. In this panel we will discuss the realities of life after Moore’s Law, emerging hardware and software developments to address these new challenges, and the fundamental research that will usher in the next generation of computing.