Submission Support

The Applied Research Institute provide the full range of pre-award and post-award project management (PM) support.  ARI works with UVA scientists to expand their research programs and funding to include mission-driven agency partners at the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security and in the Intelligence Community, among other agencies and partners interested in University research, expertise and resources. We tailor our support to the funding opportunity and the level of support the faculty request.



ARI identifies new opportunities through multiple paths including identifying key groups and individuals funding applied research and working with faculty to pitch a new technology, maintaining relationships with industry partners and identifying researchers in areas they identify as of interest, targeting faculty to respond to specific requirements in broad agency announcements for funding opportunities. ARI will work with the faculty on project shaping, creating a project plan in a quad chart, writing the white paper or full proposal, developing a budget, and navigating any administrative requirements the proposal may require. We work with the faculty to interpret the requirements of the Government or industry sponsor and respond with a proposal that uses the language and approach understood by these groups.