Project Management

The Applied Research Institute provide the full range of pre-award and post-award project management (PM) support.  ARI works with UVA scientists to expand their research programs and funding to include mission-driven agency partners at the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security and in the Intelligence Community, among other agencies and partners interested in University research, expertise and resources. We tailor the pre-award and post-award PM activities based on the funding opportunity and the level of support the faculty request.

ARI provides project management support during the entire course of the project to address a wide range of issues and allow the faculty and students to focused on the research and development. As the project initiates, we ensure that the project deliverables, milestones, and requirements are well understood with the sponsor and that we have talked with all of the stakeholders involved in the project such as the sponsor, external technical advisory board, key subcontractors and vendors, etc. We then assist with developing a detailed project plan including major milestones, budget breakdown, staffing requirements, and approaches to address major risks. ARI works directly with other parts of the University, such as OSP and HR, to set up all of the administrative components required for an award such as subcontracts, sub-awards, and . While research and development are ongoing, ARI tracks the progress and budget against the initial plan, helps communication and coordination of tasks between the team, writes progress reports for the sponsor, and prepares and coordinates update meetings. ARI will keep in regular contact with the Government or industry sponsors and managers to maintain engagement and awareness of the project, and to help lay the groundwork for future funding on projects that are multi-phase or that have the opportunity to branch out to other applications. During the project, we maintain progress on the technology transition plan, if one is required, to ensure that the project can be transitioned to a start-up company, licensed by an existing company or government entity, or any other path selected to move the technology from the University setting to making an impact in the world. ARI ensure that all documentation to close the project is completed.