2015 U.Va. Researcher Showcase

040605_10The 2015 CNDI featured a poster session highlighting the research at U.Va. that relates to the missions of the Dept. of Defense, Homeland Security, and the Intelligence Community.

Some of the fascinating work showcased included research on:

  • Ground-based autonomous robotics presented by Professor Laura Barnes.
  • High-performance photonic integrated circuits presented by Professor Andreas Beling.
  • Tissue engineered muscle repair for complex battlefield injury presented by Professor George Christ.
  • Massive parallelism to accelerate chip performance presented by Professor Jeffrey Fox.
  • Computational models to understand the neural basis of touch presented by Professor Gregory Gerling.
  • Scalable nanosystems to develop novel materials presented by Professor Patrick Hopkins.
  • Neural tissue engineering Professor Kyle Lampe.
  • Microfluidics for DNA forensics presented by Professor James Landers.
  • Causes, dynamics and consequences of terrorist alliances professor Philip Potter.
  • Effects of personal protective equipment in IED events presented by Professor Robert Salzar.
  • Superior UAV design presented by Professor David Sheffler.
  • Robust cyber-physical-human systems presented by Professor Kevin Sullivan.
  • Novel forensic bioinformatics platforms presented by Professor Stephen Turner.
  • Sensors for distributed and swarm programming presented by Professor Kamin Whitehouse.


PDFs of the posters are available here.

Barnes PDFBeling PDFChrist PDFFox PDF, Gerling PDFHopkins PDFLampe PDFPotter PDFSalzar PDFSheffler PDFSullivan PDF,  Turner PDFWhitehouse PDF.